A few people from my dark and terrifying past are still speaking to me. Some of them have home pages. Some of them are listed here. Most of the rest are listed on the talk.bizarre web page thing.

My Evil Twin, Marq Singer. Way back when I was going through my Ramones period, we were frequently mistaken for brother and sister.

Just Jenine is one of my best friends in the whole world, which is why I didn't kill her for not telling me until the day of her wedding that I was going to be a maid of honor. Jenine is not only a fabulous babe, she's a rocket scientist. And she's also married to Gnat, Perl guru and banjo player extraordinaire. Don't call them Atobarkingbantonel, because smart people are dangerous when they're angry.

Kate McDonnell is an excellent graphic designer in Montreal, and has a couple of very cute cats. She did such a great logo for my Bay Area Open Mic Calendar page that I can't bring myself to take the page down, even though I haven't updated it for literally years.

Caitlin Burke is a fellow cat lady, a fellow writer, and a fellow Capricorn, having been born one day after me. If a technical writer isn't what you're looking for, maybe she is!

Yong-Mi Kim, Nice Korean Girl extraordinaire, friend, and fashion consultant. Without Yong-Mi, I might never have discovered my inner girly-girl. She is also responsible for my current obsession with Japanese soap operas.

Tom Boutell and Michele Grant run a successful shareware company and also provide my web hosting, as well as the best little virtual community ever. Buy some of their stuff. It's good for you.

Spam is boneless, but not spineless. If it weren't for Spam, I wouldn't be here wasting your time today.

D. Glenn Arthur Jr., a.k.a. The Human Vibrator (or, if you prefer, The Electric Transvestite).

Paul Lord. Sort of a cross between the Mad Hatter and Timothy Leary, with a dash of Shakespeare added for color, only nuclear-powered.

Kludge. Be afraid. Be very afraid. As lilith says, "Kludge can do something to anything."

Waider's friends call him Pheromone Boy. There is a reason for this, and it's not just the Irish accent. Which wouldn't really tend to work on Irish chicks anyway, after all.

Tony Elwood is responsible for indievision and Electro Entertainment, as well as The Thickuns and a couple of really cool low-budget slasher movies. Joe-Bob says check it out.

State Secrets is the brainchild of my friend AjD, whose web design work fills me with awe.

Crisper than thou is just so cool that mere words fail to describe him.

Merde's Mortuary is the page on which I stick links to people who used to hang out on the Mouser's Mortuary BBS (later Martin's Mortuary) BBS back in DC in the late 80s/early 90s. If you are one of the people whose link is broken, for god's sake send me one that works.

If you happen to know a Kevin McKenna who used to be with the LAPD or a Kent Sergent who used to live in Oakland, CA and reads a lot of comic books, please get in touch me with. I hate it when I lose people.