My So-Called Band

band names a go go

Ever since I told people I was trying to start a band, they've been suggesting names. Everyone loves thinking up band names. I probably won't use any of these (and I'm sure you'll be able to tell just by looking which ones I definitely won't be using), but I liked them so much I had to do something with them. Personally, I've thought of a couple of good ones, but I think it's tacky to name a band before you even all know how to play a song together, so I'm holding off. I'm currently leaning, however, toward "Cupid's Sixguns" and "The Revoirs". Although I must admit that "Unrepentant Goatfuckers" has a certain piquant charm.

So here's the list. Feel free to make suggestions. Once I'm done with the band-naming process, I'll probably donate all these to Aaron Humphrey's Random Band Name Server. For further amusement, you can check out the Band-O-Matic, which suggested "Ruining People's Lives With Your Penis", or the Grunge Band Names site, which appears to actually generate the names on the fly rather than just choosing from a list. I have no joke, I just like saying "Automatic Tiger Femmes". Or how about "The Collective Heterosexual Tools"?