Not me:

Sheer, unadulterated vanity:

"To call her "intense" would be to do a disservice. "Ferocious" is perhaps more appropriate. People don't watch her so much as submit to an emotional bludgeoning from her music, which comes from the very kernel of the heart." -- Bill Coderre

"Her voice is lovely, with a creaminess that makes you want to go out and buy blueberries. Her guitar playing has a subtle KY Jelly quality to it reminiscent of Joan Baez before she discovered cocaine. Physically, she caused me to salivate excessively. The less said about this, the better. Suffice it to say that I would crawl a hundred miles over broken glass to shove my face between her breasts and go "blblblblbl". I would crawl ten thousand miles over broken glass to...but I digress." -- Dave Mack

"gypsy has a mellifluous singing voice. it makes me want to make love to her throat (if Tom doesn't get there first)." -- That Dawn Guy